Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Tertullian Resolution For The New Year

The New Year of 2011 is well on its way! For those who are still searching for a New Year’s resolution, you may consider a suggestion from the Father of the Church, Tertullian: Patience. 

Why not? Patience IS indeed a virtue and an important one at that. Certainly we all could use a little bit more of it in our lives (especially those, like myself, with two children (soon to be three) at the age of three and under!) to help us grow in our spiritual life. Here’s what Tertullian has to say about the subject:

“Patience outfits faith, guides peace, assists love, equips humility, waits for penitence, seals confession, keeps the flesh in check, preserves the spirit, bridles the tongue, restrains the hands, tramples temptation underfoot, removes what causes us to stumble, brings martyrdom to perfection; it lightens the care of the poor, teaches moderation to the rich, lifts the burdens of the sick, delights the believer, welcomes the unbeliever, commends the servant to his master and his master to God, adorns the women and gives grace to men; patience is loved in children, praised in youth, admired in the elderly. It is beautiful in either sex and at every age of life…Her countenance is tranquil and peaceful, her brow serene…Patience sits on the throne of the most gentle and peaceful Spirit…For where God is there is his progeny, patience. When God’s Spirit descends patience is always at his side.”
Another great idea for the New Year would be to spend each day with the Fathers of the Church. I know of a perfect way to do such a thing!