Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bridal-Maternity Of Mary

“Contrary to most modern feminism, Mary, as bridal-mother, reveals that our fundamental stance in relation to God and divine revelation is that of being actively receptive. She is the New Eve, the consort of the New Adam, who does the opposite of the first Eve in that she does not initiate (take the fruit) but is actively-receptive in response to the angelic visitor. Her ‘fiat’ is at the core of redeemed humanity. This Marian response is to be the response of the Church in all her members because Mary, as John Paul II notes, ‘is the representative and the archetype of the whole human race: she represents the humanity which belongs to all human beings, both men and women.’ History has proven time and time again that where there is a failure to understand and appreciate the role of Mary in Ecclesiology and Christology, the view presented of Christ and His Church will be askew, if not altogether distorted. In many theological circles this is what has happened today. For this reason Jon Saward’s critique of certain brands of ecumenism could not be more accurate: ‘A Mary-less Christology has become a Christianity without Christ.’”

-Fr. Donald Calloway, M.I.C. in his article "Bridegroom Christology: Salvation as Nuptial Drama" published in the Aug-Sept. 2003 issue of Homiletic & Pastoral Review.

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