Monday, May 12, 2008

Sanctifying Grace

"Those who deny the eternal value of good works (i.e., Protestants) are correct with regard to works performed when a person is not in the state of grace, for without Sanctifying Grace in his soul, a person merits by his good works nothing at all for eternity. But when a person is in the state of grace (has Sanctifying Grace in his soul), that person does indeed merit by his good works an eternal reward, because he is now no longer a mere 'natural' human who performs these works, but a child of God who does them. Such deeds done while the life of God is in one's soul have merit for eternity, for they have been done by no mere natural man, but by an adopted son of God, by a living branch on the vine which is Christ."

-Thomas A. Nelson, in the preface to Matthias Scheeben's The Glories of Divine Grace.

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