Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pray For Eluana Englaro!

Eluana Englaro is an Italian woman who had a car accident 17 years ago, which left her in a coma. Now, she is known as "Italy's Terri Shiavo," due to the legal battle that has ensued over her own father wanting to starve her to death. A Father (or mother) should never desire to kill their own child. This is a tragedy that is indescribable. Euthanasia (along with abortion) is a scourge upon society that has stripped life of all its decency and sacredness. Only through the power of prayer can this be reversed.

While the Prime Minister of Italy has passed an emergency decree to stop this horrible act from occuring, it will not become a law unless approved by the President of Italy, who is against the decree. Today they have removed Eluana's feeding tube and, unless something is done, in two weeks she will starve to death. I beg you for your prayers that this woman does not get treated the way Terri Shiavo was. Pray for the conversion of her father, the President of Italy, and the safety of Eluana. Pray also that the dignity of life may be respected from conception until natural death.

Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us and may Christ have mercy on us!

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