Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book Review: The [expanded] Bible-New Testament

Nowadays, there are many different versions of Bibles; Teen Bible, Woman’s Bible, Golfer’s Bible, Green Bible, Apologetics Bible, etc.

The [expanded] Bible: New Testament published by Thomas Nelson is not some tired specialty Bible. Rather, it is an indispensable tool for studying Sacred Scripture while you read. With The [expanded] Bible, there is no need to look in the margins for notes or scripture references; they are all contained within the text. The main feature of the Bible is that rather than being at the mercy of a particular translation, the reader has a choice to see the various options for translating a word or phrase and judging which is most suitable. It’s like having a KJV, NIV, RSV all in one. It is the perfect tool for a priest or pastor who wants to compare translations without having to lay out several different Bibles in order to do so.

The [expanded] Bible is also ideal for the everyday Christian who wants to get the most out of Scripture. As you read along it points out typology and Old Testament references that the average reader might not be familiar with. And while there is no substitute for reading Scripture in its original language, it is perfect for conveying the meanings of words for one who does not have knowledge of Greek.

My only criticism of The [expanded] Bible is that the way it is set up can make it laborious to read at first, but once you get familiar with the different translations side by side, it becomes more of a help than a hindrance. Also, it uses a modified version of the New Century Version translation as the base text. For my tastes, I would have preferred a more literal-formal equivalence translation as the base and then have the idiomatic-functional equivalence translation in the expansion.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it as a great way to increase biblical literacy and understanding.

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