Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Truth About Opus Dei

...will not be found in a Dan Brown novel or a movie based on his novels.

However, there is a new movie coming out where you can find the truth about the origins of Opus Dei and its founder, St. Josemaria Escriva. That movie is There Be Dragons, opening at select theaters on May 6. Here are some of the reactions to preview screenings (these were written to the producers of the movie):

Two Goths (who wear black, carry chains and like morbid things) were at a multiplex movie theater on Friday. Reading the list of movies they discovered There Be Dragons, and thinking that it was a movie about Merlin and swords and so on, they bought tickets. When the film ended and the theater emptied out, I saw that they were not moving from their seats. I asked them how they had liked the movie. "Too much," replied one. "We never imagined that priests were such good people."
Sean, April 13, 2011

Thank you, Roland Joffé. You have managed that a person, at the end of the film, is left with desires to be a better person and with the clear idea that it is not worth letting yourself be carried away by your passions. To behave in a decent, human way will at times lead to suffering, and acting badly perhaps has some advantages and saves you some blows in life . . . but it is not worth it. Thank you for this beautiful film.
José Ignacio, Madrid, March 30, 2011

Good morning. I am writing you because yesterday a man who comes to my parish told me that that his daughter had left home some time ago. A few months later she came back home because she had run out of money, but she came with a bad attitude. This weekend she went to a multiplex theater and, by mistake, saw There Be Dragons. When she left the movie, she went straight to a church and went to confession. At home she apologized to her parents and now she is a different girl, totally new. This gentleman asked me to write to thank you for making this film. He was excited and happy.
Rafael, Majadahonda, April 15, 2011

Gentlemen: I am writing to thank you for having made this film. A few weeks ago I called a friend of mine to tell him that my wife and I had decided to divorce. We have a daughter. This friend told me: "Before you do that, you have to watch There Be Dragons."  I went to see the movie with my wife, accompanied by this friend. We left the theater crying and unable to speak. We spent all that night talking about it, because we realized that the problem was not in our relationship as husband and wife, but that we had not been able to identify and overcome our own inner dragons. The real problems were in each one of us. So we have decided to focus our struggles on that, to overcome our dragons, and not to talk about divorce any more. We have also decided to try to have a new child.
Enrique Lorenzo, Madrid, April 20, 2011 

As you can tell, it looks to be a very powerful movie! The trailers look great as well:

Now, since this is an independent film, it is crucial for its success (and for wider distribution) that you go and see it on the opening weekend (May 6th is when it opens). See here for a list of theaters.

St. Josemaria Escriva, Ora Pro Nobis!

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