Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fr. Dimock

My Theology of the Church class is awesome! Fr. Dimock is a great teacher. He is the kind of professor that makes a three hour class seem like it only lasted a half hour and making you wish the class was longer!

As a Dominican, he never resists taking shots (jokingly of course...) at other orders in the Church. The Franciscans seem to be an easy target (sorry, Frank!).

And in that manner I can't resist reposting this joke:

What is similar about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?
Well, they were both founded by Spaniards, St. Dominic for the Dominicans, and St. Ignatius of Loyola for the Jesuits. They were also both founded to combat heresy: the Dominicans to fight the Albigensians, and the Jesuits to fight the Protestants.
What is different about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?
Well, have you met any Albigensians lately?
And to be fair, here's some that make fun of Dominicans:

The Franciscans, Dominicans, and Jesuits were having a big meeting that went well into the middle of the night. Suddenly all the lights went out in the meeting room. The Franciscans immediately took out guitars and sang songs, while the Dominicans began preaching; but the Jesuits went to the basement, found the fuse box and reset the breaker.

A Jesuit, a Dominican, and a Trappist were marooned on a desert island. They found a magic lamp, and after some discussion decided to rub it. Lo and behold, a genie appeared and offered them three wishes. They decided it was only fair that they could each have one wish. The Jesuit said he wanted to teach at the world's most famous university, and poof, he was gone! The Dominican wished to preach in the world's largest church, and poof, he was gone! Then the Trappist said, "Gee, I already got my wish!"

A Franciscan and a Dominican were debating about whose order was the greater. After months of arguing, they decided to ask for an answer from God when they died. Years later, they met in heaven and decided to go to the throne of God to resolve their old disagreement. God seemed a bit puzzled about the question and told them he would reply in writing a few days later.
After much deliberation, God sent the following letter:

My beloved children,

Please stop bickering about such trivial matters.

Both of your orders are equally great and good in my eyes.

Sincerely yours,

God, S.J.
Here are a couple of Fr. Dimock's quotes from class:

"A lot of our (the Catholic Church nowadays) music isn't music, it's muzak!"

"The Church is not an individualistic entity. The Church is visible. The Church is not Jesus and Me and to Hell with Thee!"

Oh, and he also looks just like Sir Alec Guinness in the role of Jedi Master Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi!

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