Monday, February 26, 2007

Despise Not Those Made In The Image Of God

"Christ, that is to say, heavenly mercy, comes to the door of your house every day, not only spiritually to the door of your soul, but also materially to the door of your house. For every time a poor person approaches your house, it is without any doubt Christ who is coming, he who said: 'As often as you did it for one of these little ones, you did it for me.' So don’t harden you heart; give a little money to Christ, from whom you want to receive the Kingdom. Give a piece of bread to him, from whom you hope to receive life. Welcome him into your home, so that he might welcome you into his paradise. Give him alms, so that in return he might give you eternal life.

What audacity to want to reign in heaven with him to whom you refuse to give alms in this world! If you receive him during this earthly journey, he will welcome you into his heavenly happiness; if you despise him here in your homeland, he will turn his eyes away from you in his glory. A Psalm says: 'In your city, Lord, you despise their image.' If we despise those who are made in the image of God in our city, that is to say, in this life, we must fear being rejected in his eternal city. So be merciful here below… Thanks to your generosity, you will hear that wonderful word said to you: 'Come. Inherit the kingdom prepared for you'"

-Saint Cesarius of Arles

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