Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ask A Father

Q: Saint Aphrahat, in what way is Christ the New Moses?
A: "Moses was persecuted, as Jesus was persecuted. When Moses was born, they concealed him so that he might not be slain by his persecutors. When Jesus was born they carried him off in flight into Egypt so that Herod, his persecutor, might not slay him. In the days when Moses was born, children used to be drowned in the river; and at the birth of Jesus the children of Bethlehem and in the area were slain. To Moses God said: "Those who were seeking your life are dead " (Ex 4:19), and to Joseph the angel said in Egypt: "Arise, take up the child, and go into the land of Israel, for those who were seeking the life of the child are dead" (Mt 2:20). Moses brought out his people from slavery to Pharaoh; and Jesus delivered all nations from slavery to Satan… When Moses sacrificed the lamb, the firstborn of Egypt were slain; and when they crucified him, Jesus became the true lamb… Moses brought down manna for his people; and Jesus gave his body to the nations. Moses sweetened the bitter waters by wood; and Jesus sweetened our bitterness by his cross, by the wood of the tree of his crucifixion. Moses brought the Law down to his people; and Jesus gave his covenants to the nations. Moses conquered Amalek by the spreading out of his hands; and Jesus conquered Satan by the sign of his cross. Moses brought out water from the rock for his people; and Jesus sent Simon Peter (the rock) to carry his doctrine among the nations. Moses lifted up the veil from his face and spoke with God; and Jesus lifted up the veil from the face of the nations, that they might hear and receive his doctrine (2 Co 3:16). Moses laid his hand upon his messengers and they received priesthood; and Jesus laid his hands upon his apostles, and they received the Holy Spirit. Moses ascended the mountain and died there; and Jesus ascended into heaven and took his seat at the right hand of his Father."

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