Thursday, March 22, 2007

Marian Figures Of The Old Testament: Deborah

-We encounter Deborah in Judges 4: 4-25. She is under extreme danger, yet she leads her people to salvation from the Canaanites. She leads Barak and a small army against the powerful Sisera. Deborah has a very co-redemptive role. She is a Warrior Queen who leads her people into battle and protects them.

-Mary as the Gebirah (Queen Mother) intercedes for the salvation of her people. She is rightly seen as the Queen of Martyrs. She risks her whole life in leading the battle for salvation. The Mother forms Christ for His mission of redemption.
-The actions of Jael in the story of Deborah is a reference to Gen 3:15; the crushing of the head of the serpent.

-Deborah also sings a canticle of praise.

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