Friday, March 23, 2007

Ask A Father

Q: St. Jerome, some people say that the Church doesn't like women. Is this because Satan tricked Eve, the woman responsible for bringing original sin to mankind? Is this true? Does the Church hate women?
A: Observe the cleverness of the ancient foe. He ferociously preyed upon the substance of the just man [Job]....He left him nothing but his tongue and his wife, so that one tempted him while the other blasphemed. The devil remembered the old trick by which he had once ensnared Adam through the woman....thinking that he could always trap men by using woman. But he did not consider that, if a man was ruined by a woman once, now the whole world has been saved through a woman. You are thinking of Eve, but consider Mary: the former drove us out of paradise; the latter leads us back to heaven.

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