Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Marian Figures Of The Old Testament: Miriam

Miriam is the one Mary of the Old Testament and her name prefigures that of Our Blessed Mother.

-She is the sister of Moses, who is the liberator of the chosen people.
Miriam is close to the work of Moses, she is even allowed to come to the tent of meeting. All this prefigures Our Lady’s Coredemption, working close with the liberator of all humanity.
-Miriam is also linked to the supreme lawgiver of the OT, foreshadowing Christ, the ultimate lawgiver and fulfiller.
-Miriam is sister of high priest Aaron, who prefigures Christ the Great High Priest.

-Miriam is also a prophetess who offers a canticle of praise after the Exodus, which foreshadows Mary’s Magnificant making her Queen of the prophets.

-Miriam also mediates for the mediator before he becomes in action the mediator, by following the baby Moses going down the Nile. Her presence close to the Egyptian princess allows Moses to be nursed by his own mother. Mary as well mediates for the mediator by her fiat, giving to the world its Savior!

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