Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Marian Figures Of The Old Testament: Sarah

Sarah is the free wife of Abraham, unlike Hagar who is the slave wife. Sarah has her name changed from Sar'ai to Sarah. She is sterile, but becomes pregnant by a miracle. She is the mother of only one child: Isaac.

Marian parallels:

-Mary is free in saying yes to the mission of the messiah.
-Mary is addressed by a new name given by the Archangel Gabriel: "Full of Grace."
-Mary gives birth by a miracle and becomes pregnant by a miracle.
-Mary has only one firstborn.

-Sarah is also a foreshadowing of the New Covenant made through the blood of circumcision. Mary becomes the reality of the New Covenant through the blood of Christ.

-Sarah in Gen 17, is called the Mother of all Nations.
This is mother of all nations is a foreshadowing of Mary as Spiritual Mother of All Nations (or Lady of All Nations) which corresponds to the apparitions of Our Lady of All Nations at Amsterdam which have been approved by the local bishop.

-With all the Old Testament figures of Mary, there are also dissimilarities. For instance, when Sarah is told that she will become pregnant she laughs and doubts God. Mary as the antithesis, gives her trusting fiat for all of humanity.

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