Friday, March 16, 2007

St. Patrick's Successor Challenges Faithful

In a St. Patrick’s Day message the Primate of All Ireland has exhorted his people to honor the great saint’s spiritual legacy. “For in my own heart I sincerely know that Patrick’s spiritual presence is very much with us,” said Archbishop Sean Brady.

Archbishop Brady-- who is St. Patrick’s successor as Archbishop of Armagh-- said that celebrations should go beyond the usual parades and parties, and explore the rich religious heritage that he left to Ireland. He recommended reading St. Patrick’s Confession of Grace, and imitating the saint’s life of attentive prayer and compassion for others. The archbishop suggested:
See how these traits of Patrick nourish and inspire your own life as a disciple
of Christ; compassionate love for all, no matter who; willingness to forgive,
whoever caused him grief or pain; constant prayerfulness from the heart;
attentiveness to the inner voice of the guiding Holy Spirit; courage in
overcoming all obstacles to his work; devotion to reading the Bible in ways that
guided him to the best course of action.

“The challenge for all of us is to be consistent and coherent,” Archbishop Brady said; “not just in honoring Patrick with our lips and our parades but with our hearts and lives.”

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