Saturday, April 07, 2007

One Full Year!

Today my wife and I have been Catholic for a complete year! It truly is a blessing. There is nothing greater than to be in the Church that Christ established and to be surrounded by the fullness of the Faith and by so great a cloud of witnesses!

If you are on the edge of joining, don't wait any longer. Christ wants all to be Catholic. Why wouldn't He? After all this is the Church that He founded on Peter and the Apostles, and which continues in an unbroken line all the way to Pope Benedict XVI and all the bishops in union with him. Before you reject the One True Church, make absolutely sure you know what you are rejecting! Read the Church Fathers and you will see that the Catholic Church today is amazingly similar to the early Church. There's good reason for that, too. It's because they ARE the same Church!

Since becoming Catholic, I have grown so much closer to God. There are so many wonderful devotions that point you straight to the Glory of Jesus Christ, Our Savior. The Kingdom of God, which is the Catholic Church, is a beautiful treasure chest of Grace.

Would that all would experience and embrace Christ's gift to His disciples, Holy Mother Church!

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