Monday, May 21, 2007

Catholic? University

When will it actually mean something again for a university to be labeled as "Catholic"?

As of now, there are too many so called "Catholic" universities that do not hold the Catholic Faith. As a student of a Catholic (in the true sense) University, it is not enough to tell people that I attend a "Catholic" University. The word "Catholic" no longer separates a school like Franciscan University from schools such as Duquesne, Georgetown, University of San Francisco, etc.

As it stands there is nothing different from saying that I attend a "Catholic" university than saying that I attend a school such as Florida State University (where I attended as an undergrad). Rather I must clarify that I attend a school that is Catholic and actually affirms the teaching of the Magisterium.

Somehow I am not surprised that the above mentioned University of San Francisco is run by Jesuits. (Before anyone throws a fit, I am not attacking Jesuits. I am merely pointing out a reality.) There are many great orthodox Jesuits who defend the Faith boldly. Unfortunately it seems as though none of those orthodox Jesuits are in charge of the universities.

The message needs to be made clear that the Catholic Faith is not reducible to social justice! It also needs to be made clear, especially at "Catholic" universities that killing babies is not social justice! It is murder plain and simple and it is contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church and all of Christianity.

I pray for the day when calling a university "Catholic" is sufficient.

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