Thursday, August 02, 2007


Last week was a really busy one for me. Franciscan University’s Summer Conferences were going on and I was able to meet and listen to several great people. I finally got a chance to meet Michael Barber and Chris Cuddy, who’s blogs I read regularly and I met for the first time Josh McManaway, who’s blog I will also be reading daily from now on….and you should too! I had some fantastic conversations with these three and I feel really blessed for it!

I also met David Currie and heard excellent talks given by Gary Michuta on the formation of the Canon, Mike Aquilina on the perennial appeal of the Fathers of the Church, Scott Hahn on Reasons to Believe, and Fr. Benedict Groeschel on the Eucharist.

I was also asked to give a testimony on how I came to Franciscan University (which was basically my conversion story crammed into 5 minutes!). It went very well, but I was extremely nervous speaking in front of a thousand or so people!

On Thursday, I also got to go see a Red Sox game in Cleveland! Of course, the Red Sox won and Manny Ramirez hit two home runs included a record making 461 feet homer on the very first pitch that was thrown to him of his very first at-bat of the game! The tickets for the game happened to be a present from a friend to celebrate my 27th Birthday, which was this past Friday.

That’s all the news I have for now. Greek ends tomorrow, so I will be posting a lot more often….possibly even in ‘'Ελλην!

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