Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today in the mail I received a copy of the magazine Commonweal. Curiously enough it came the same day as my First Things magazine. Now, I didn't order Commonweal and anyone who knows me, should know that I would not read such a magazine. I have a sneaky suspicion that the editors of Commonweal may have gotten a hold of the mailing list of First Things subscribers and sent a copy to all of the people on the list in hopes of swaying them with their rubbish in order to gain new subscribers. I flipped through Commonweal for about a minute to see what garbage they had in it and when I reached the absolute point of repulsion (somewhere in the middle of reading an article by former Tablet writer, John Wilkins), I tossed it in the trash where it belonged!

Nice try Commonweal. Thanks, but...No Thanks!

On second thought......one of my housemates might have signed me up for a subscription as a joke. I sure hope they wouldn't waste their money like that!

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