Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Function Of Scripture And Tradition

“The function of Tradition is to make us share in the fellowship of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, in the faith. It is a means of participation in the Body of Christ, that is, in the Church’s sacramental structure, the word ‘sacramental’ here signifying, in the wide sense, the sign through which the Holy Spirit enlightens us by uniting us. Scripture’s task is to confront us with the testimony of the prophets and apostles to remind us that the Word of God is an initiative that does not allow itself to be absorbed by the community, but takes the form of an ever-present dialogue. Scripture’s task is to bring preaching constantly back to the unity of this divine initiative; it is the inspired instrument of the analogy of faith, that is, the permanent re-centering of the faith on the essential elements of this dialogue, the redemptive Revelation.”

-E. Ortigues in La tradition de l'Evangile dans l'Eglise, d'apres la tradition catholique.

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