Wednesday, January 20, 2010

America Wakes Up Refreshed

We have come to the brink and looked over. Today, we start to pull back. We pull back from the takeover of our country by a socialist administration who devalues life. The American Revolution began in Massachusetts and now with Scott Brown’s election to the Senate, the new revolution also begins there. The People have spoken through the people of the Bay State and they have told Washington that we will not be silent any more. We fill fight for our country. We will fight for a culture of life. Sure, it is a bit odd to support a pro-choice Republican for office, but as Patrick Archbold at Creative Minority Report said, “Scott Brown is doing more for pro-lifers than ‘pro-lifers’ Ben Nelson and Bob Casey ever did.” With Brown as the 41st vote in the Senate, Obamacare is surely sunk with its provisions for allowing government funding for abortions.

We still have much work to do America, but at least now we have that hope that was promised to us a year ago. Stay vigilant!

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