Monday, January 11, 2010

Well, He Is Right, Of Course.

Brit Hume was asked to comment about Tiger Woods on FOX News Sunday and said that if Tiger is looking for a way to find redemption and forgiveness, he should turn from Buddhism (which Tiger apparently is and which does not have a doctrine of redemption) to Christianity.

Hume is absolutely right. This is not a matter of proselytism or intolerance or whatever anti-Christians and liberals want to make it out to be. It is objective fact. Isaiah 1:18 says: "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." Christ died to bring forgiveness to the world. He came specifically for the sinner (whether it be for the average person who sins daily in some small way or someone like Tiger, who has committed a grave sin such as adultery). The forgiveness that Christ came to give is infinite. No sin is too great! As long as you come to God with a humble, contrite heart seeking forgiveness, He will grant it to you.

See how much Christ loves us, that He has given us the sacrament of Confession! He knows we are going to sin after baptism. Yet, instead of allowing us to go off into damnation through personal sin, He provides a way that we may get back in the state of grace, back to union with God.

Brit Hume is spot on with his assessment. Hopefully Tiger will take him up on it and turn to Christ, the only one who can grant to him the forgiveness and redemption he needs. Keep Tiger in your prayers.

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