Monday, September 11, 2006

The Holy Grail Has Been Found

...And it's the Eucharist!

I had a chance to meet Mike Aquilina and Chris Bailey last night as they talked about their new book The Grail Code. They are great guys with incredible amounts of knowledge!

If you love the Arthurian legends and the Real Presence (especially the latter), you should buy their book and check out both of their blogs!

Also, Mike has an expanded edition of his book The Fathers of the Church coming out soon. I've read the original version and can't wait for the new one. (I'm sure I can convince my wife to let me buy it too, even though it is the same title. One must always get the expanded version! To simply keep the original would be like watching the original Star Wars movies while knowing that there is a version made with updated and better special effects!)

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