Friday, September 29, 2006

Time Travel Preferences

I've been tagged by Dilexitprior (who was tagged by Fr. Finigan) for this meme:

If an angel could take me back in time, what five things or occasions would I like to experience?

Since she had this to say, I shall do likewise:
"I'll ignore Biblical events because I don't think I could narrow that down to five. I'll follow his lead and ignore Biblical events - nevertheless, I can't bear to limit the list so I'll do a secular one and a sacred one."

1. Being present at the opening night of Shakespeare's Hamlet with Richard Burbage in the lead role!
2. Be standing alongside Arthur Guinness as he made his first batch of Guinness! (And then enjoying a pint with him.)
3. Be at Yankee Stadium at Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS to watch the Red Sox crush the Yankees 10-3 to advance to the first World Series that they won in 86 years!
4. Be at Game 4 of the 2004 Word Series Games where the Red Sox swept the Cardinals for their first World Series Championship since 1918!
5. Being present at the first performance of Mozart's Requiem!

1. Being on one of St. Brendan's famous voyages!
2. Being present when St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland!
3. Having a cup of tea with John Henry Newman to talk about his recent conversion!
4. Taking part of a Bible Study conducted by St. Jerome!
5. Sitting in the classroom at the University of Paris while St. Thomas Aquinas was giving a lecture!

(optional #6). Being at the bottom of the steps in Wittenburg to trip Martin Luther as he walked up to the Cathedral to post his 95 Theses! (sorry, I couldn't resist.)

I hereby tag St. Michael the Archangel (after all it is his feast day!), Thomas the American Papist, and Mike Aquilina the Patristi-blogger extraordinaire.

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