Thursday, October 26, 2006

Quotes Of The Day

"She the lady above heaven and earth must have a heart so humble that she might have no shame in washing the swaddling clothes or preparing a bath for St. John the Baptist like a servant girl. What humility! It would surely have been more just to have arranged for her a golden coach pulled by four thousand horses and to cry and proclaim as the carriage proceeded, "Here passes the woman who is raised above the whole human race!" She was not filled with pride by this praise, this immense praise. No woman is like unto thee. Thou art more than an empress or a queen blessed above all nobility, wisdom or saintliness."

"May she enlighten our intelligences, inflame our hearts, and inspire our whole life. May Christ grant us this grace through the intercession of His holy mother."

-Martin Luther, a couple of years before he died (well after he had left the Catholic Church).

Luther not only honored Mary as the greatest of all of God’s creatures, but he also prayed through her intercession. Luther got some things right.

It’s too bad that the Protestant leaders of today won’t tell their fellow Protestants about these kind of things that the founders of the Reformation said. They might be encouraged to go back to the Catholic Church. And after all, they wouldn’t want that!

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