Friday, October 20, 2006


On the advice of patristiblogger Mike Aquilina, I have just read R.R. Reno's article The Return of the Fathers from this month's issue of First Things. It is a great exposition on the biblical theology of the Church Fathers that must be read by all! If you don't have a subscription to First Things I would highly recommend it. But in the meanwhile, go out and buy this months issue, or at least borrow it from a friend (that's why they're your friend after all. Who else would let you mooch off of their issue of First Things?).

Here are two of my favorite quotes from the article:

"One can no more invent Christianity from inductive Bible study than read modern physics off the movements of the stars, and a contemporary Christian who wishes to engage the Scriptures in their "purity" is as foolish as an undergraduate who refuses to take a class in physics because it will corrupt his ability to interpret nature."

"Men and women saturated by Scripture are as explosive as rags soaked in gasoline, but, unlike Molotov cocktails, the fire of divine love transforms and perfects rather than destroys and consumes. This the Fathers knew, and this they teach us as they return."

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