Monday, June 18, 2007

Judeo-Christian Dialogue

"'I'm not offended when Christians eat pork,' says Jacob Neusner. At least not usually. The brilliant--and none too patient--Jewish scholar does recall a religion conference where so much of the other white meat was served that he was reduced to a diet of hard-boiled eggs. One day on the food line something snapped, and he rhymed aloud, 'I hope you all get trichinosis/And come to believe in the God of Moses.' A fellow conferee instantly replied, 'And if we don't get such diseases/Will you believe in the God of Jesus?' Neusner cackles. 'That's an example of the right way to do Judeo-Christian dialogue," he says. "If religion matters, and it does, then it's not honest to be indifferent to the convictions of others.'"

Hat tip to Chris Cuddy.

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