Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Scotist Before Scotus

"As St. Thomas says: 'Predestination presupposes election in the order of reason; and election presupposes love.' Here we see the application of two principles ignored by some later theologians. First of all we have this principle that God, in this case as always, wills the end before the means, and therefore He wills the predestined glory before willing them grace by which they will merit it. Duns Scotus is not, therefore, as some recently maintained, the first one to apply this principle here. St. Thomas writes on this point as follows: 'But nothing is directed towards an end unless the will for that end already exists. Whence the predestination of some to eternal salvation presupposes in the order of reason, that God wills their salvation, and to this belongs both election and love -love inasmuch as He wills them this particular good of eternal salvation- since to love is to wish well to anyone, as stated above (q. 20, a. 2, 3); election inasmuch as He wills this good to some in preference to others, since He reprobates some, as stated above (a. 3).'"

-Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange from his book Predestination.

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