Sunday, December 11, 2005

God hasn't changed his mind!

When my former priest decided to leave the Episcopal Church and thereby leaving his post as chaplin to the Epsicopal University Center at Florida State University, the Bishop of Florida quickly replaced him with a revisionist priest who fit in with the bishops agenda. Staying behind to sort out a few things was the lay chaplin of the E.U.C. (Episcopal Univeristy Center).

A couple of days after the new priest arrived he got into a discussion with the lay chaplin about the state of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion and couldn't understand why the lay chaplin would not agree to same sex marriages and gay priests and bishops.

The priest asked him, "Do you think God has finished? He's unable to do new things?"

The lay chaplin, without hesitation, replied, "No, I think God hasn't changed his mind!"

Thinking about the Vatican's recent document prohibiting gay clergy from seminary and the mess that has become the Episcopal Church (as well as the Anglican Communion), I feel it needs to be restated that God has in fact, NOT changed his mind.

Over two thousand years of Christian teaching plus thousands of years of Judiasm's teachings have told us that homosexuality is outside of God's intention for human sexuality and that it is a sin. There is no way around it. God does not make mistakes!

I have heard revisionists say that God created the people who are homosexuals and since God doesn't make mistakes, being gay isn't a sin and it is blessed by God.

To that I say, it is not God who has made the mistake, it is man's rebellion against God where the mistake is made. Just because you call a sin not a sin, doesn't make it not a sin. Sin is sin no matter what you choose to call it. Whether it be same sex attraction, adultery, or whatever.

When man has become so selfish in his sin that he refuses to admit that something is a sin, then that is where his soul is in the greatest of danger!

"Surely I, the Lord, do not change" (Malachi 3:6).

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