Monday, December 12, 2005

Irish Saint Of The Day:FINNIAN Of Clonard

The “Teacher of the Irish Saints.” He was born in Myshall, in County Carlow, Ireland in the year 470. Trained by Sts. Cadoc and Gildas in Wales, Finnian returned to Ireland where he built schools, monasteries, and churches. Clonard at Meath was his most famous foundation, and under his direction it became a renowned scriptural school. He is listed as a bishop, but it is possible that he was not consecrated in the office. St. Columba was one of his students, as he trained the “Twelve Apostles of Ireland” at Clonard. He died there during a plague in 549.

For a great book about one of St. Finnian's pupils (also one of the twelve apostles of Ireland) read Brendan by Frederick Buechner. It also has some great depictions of St. Finnian as well.

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