Friday, November 03, 2006

Election Day

Election day is approaching fast!

I really hate politics but it's important to make your voice heard and protect the culture of life in America.

Remember Catholics out there to vote Pro-life and know the 5 non-negotiables:
-Embryonic Stem Cell Research
-Human Cloning
-Homosexual "marriage"

If any candidate supports any of these, it is your Catholic duty to NOT vote for them!

If you live in Pennsylvania the candidates that seem to check out on these issues are:
Senator: Rick Santorum
Representative: Tim Murphy
Governor: Lynn Swann
Lieutenant Governor: Jim Matthews

If I am incorrect that any of these guys are not Pro-Life, feel free to correct me!

Also, if you live in the Pittsburgh area and you know anything about Wayne Fontana (State Senator Dist. 42) or Bill Ogden (State Representative Dist. 27) I would appreciate any info I can get.

Remember on Nov. 7th, Vote For Life! For Catholic Answers Guide For Serious Catholics click here.

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