Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Istanbul, Not Constantinople

With the Pope visiting Turkey this week all the talk has been about the muslims reaction and the Pope's visit to the Blue Mosque.

In my opinion, that isn't the most exciting part of the trip. For me, it would be the historic meeting on Wednesday with Patriarch Bartholomew I. Bartholomew has been a key player in the ecumenical movement between the East and the West. If it wasn't for the Russian Patriarch, who knows what would have happened between Bartholomew and JP II.

I really feel that if Orthodox churches start coming back home to Rome, then Protestants will be following quickly behind.

Let us continue to pray for Pope Benedict's safety and also for his meeting with Bartholomew!

For news on the meeting, go to this site.
Hat tip to Mike Aquilina for the website.

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