Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Satan Wins In South Dakota

From CNN
SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota (Reuters) -- South Dakota voters overturned on Tuesday a state abortion ban that supporters had championed as the best chance to challenge a 33-year-old U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing the procedure.

"This means that there has been a rebellion against social, right-wing wedge politics that have been dominating this country," said Sarah Stoesz, chief of Planned Parenthood's operations in the Dakotas and Minnesota, key backers of the campaign to kill the measure.
Translation: Planned Parenthood poured millions of dollars into the effort to seduce voters to reject the ban.

"It is a very important victory for people who are open-minded and progressive in this country.”
Translation: This is a very important victory for people who like to kill innocent babies.

Supporters of the abortion ban declined to comment.

With 81 percent of vote counted early Wednesday, those voting to overturn the law had an advantage of 55 percent to 45 percent, and CNN projected a victory for opponents of the measure.

Signed by Gov. Mike Rounds on March 6, the South Dakota law would have banned abortions at all stages of pregnancy, including cases of rape and incest, and offered no exception if a mother is in poor health. The law would have allowed a doctor to perform an abortion if a woman is dying but requires the doctor to try to save the life of the fetus as well as the woman.

The measure was to take effect last July, but a petition drive by abortion-rights groups forced the issue onto the ballot and delayed its implementation pending a voter decision on the issue.
Translation: Abortion was already banned, until baby killing-rights groups coerced the issue onto the ballot, in order to buy votes and ensure a victory.

Each side raised close to $2 million for the campaign, with contributions flowing into the state from individuals and organizations around the country.

The campaign turned into a bitter battle that sparked debate in religious and medical communities, homes and businesses.
Translation: Satan rallied all his baby killing supporters against all who believe that all life is sacred.

"The church teaches it's wrong to kill no matter what," said 39-year-old Martha Fiegen, a Sioux Falls home maker who voted in favor of the ban. "I believe life is sacred and every life is worth living."

Of course, common sense also teaches that it’s wrong to kill and that life is sacred and every life is worth living. It’s only the Satanic mindset brought about by secularization that makes people think that an innocent baby should die so a woman won’t have to face up to the consequences of her actions.

Marianne Larsen, 65, a Sioux Falls retired business owner who voted to repeal the law, cast the issue differently.
"Women must have the right to make choices for themselves, not have a bunch of male legislators make the decision for them," Larsen said. "It's very much about women's rights."
Translation: “It’s all about how selfish I can be. Women must think of only themselves. It’s very much about women’s rights to commit murder.”

It’s too bad that nobody has a “right” to kill innocent babies! Women and men DO however have the right to make the choice NOT to have sex if they don’t want a baby! They DO NOT have the right to have sex for pleasure and when they end up with a baby that they didn’t intend on having, to go and snuff out the life of the innocent and defenseless child.

What about the rights of the baby?

A mother is supposed to protect and defend her child at all costs. That is natural motherly instinct! It is unnatural, inhumane, and satanic for a mother to want to kill her child.

America with its child killing culture of death is beginning to resemble ancient pagan nations who sacrificed their own children.

If a person kills a pregnant woman, that person is charged for two counts of murder. One for the woman and one for the baby inside of her.

Or if the woman survives and the baby dies, the person is charged with attempted murder for the woman and murder for the baby.

Why then is it alright for a woman to kill that same baby?

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