Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Heaven Speaks to Those Who Do Not Know Jesus

We here present "Heaven Speaks to Those Who Do Not Know Jesus" as a special Christmas gift from Jesus to anyone you may know among family members, friends, fellow workers, or acquaintances who does not know the Lord, and to whom you could peacefully perform the salvific role of introducing them to their Savior.

The "Heaven Speaks" series constitutes locutions of Jesus which are transmitted through "Anne," a lay apostle who presently lives in Ireland, and who spreads these messages with the approval of her local Bishop, the Most Rev. Leo O'Reilly of the diocese of Kilmore, as well as in complete obedience to the Vatican Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, to whom all messages have been submitted.

It is my personal conviction that the locutions received by Anne are of supernatural origin and are in complete conformity with the norms for authentic private revelation as used by the Church and ecclesiastical commissions of investigation (see article, "Discernment of Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King" in the Marian Private Revelation section).

During this Christmas season, please prayerfully consider passing on this message of Jesus to anyone whom you believe may have an open heart. What better Christmas present could be offered a friend or loved one than the inestimable gift of the God that so loves them that He became a baby for them, died on a cross for them, opened the gates of heaven for them, and now calls them personally to His Heart of Love and Mercy.

May each of you and your families experience an exceptionally grace-filled and joy-filled season of the Baby Jesus, our Incarnate Love.

Mark MiravalleEditor, Mother of All Peoples E-Magazine

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