Friday, August 18, 2006

The Aborter Becomes An Apostle Of Death

"When piety dies out in women, society is threatened in its very fabric; for a woman's relationship to the sacred keeps the Church and society on an even keel, and when this link is severed, both are threatened by total moral chaos. Once again the menace of feminism lurks in the background. The ravages which it is creating in our society can hardly be gauged. Poisoned by a wrong philosophy, some women now trample upon the mystery of their femininity and willingly collaborate with men in committing one of the most brutal of all crimes: the murder of the defenseless unborn. Terrible as the crime of the abortionist is, the crime of the aborter is truly unfathomable: for the woman not only assists in a murder, she betrays her very vocation to give life, becoming instead an apostle of death."

-Alice von Hildebrand, from Women and the Priesthood.

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