Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mandatory Mandatum (or) Make Catholic Universities Catholic

Notre Dame has a heretic priest by the name of Richard McBrien running loose.

The president of the University Of St. Thomas apologized for an address given by Ben Kessler that was faithful to the Magisterium.

A certain "Catholic" University here in Pittsburgh wouldn't let its students put up flyers to announce Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during Lent and yet allowed flyers to be put up by the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Liberal Jesuits.

These, and many other examples, are why I think it should be mandatory that all Universities and Colleges that wish to call themselves "Catholic" should be required to have all of its professors and employees take the Mandatum.

I feel that the bishops of the dioceses that these schools reside in should also take a greater role in making sure that the school is teaching in accordance with the Magisterium. There is no excuse for a Catholic University to be allowed to teach heresy without repercussions. And when repercussions are laid out, bishops also need to have the backbones to enforce them!

Professors at Catholic Universities and Colleges who teach theology or philosophy or any other like field should also not be able to get tenure (I don't think that professors who teach Math or Chemistry would have much room to teach contrary to the Magisterium and thus I don't see anything wrong with them receiving tenure). A professor should never be allowed to lead students astray from the Faith of the Catholic Church. The moment they start spouting heresies they should be given the boot.

If a professor wants to teach at a Catholic school, they need to teach Catholic doctrine or not teach there at all. There are many secular schools that would take them in.

Worrying about whether or not a Catholic school is really Catholic should not be on the list of concerns for a student.

The Bible speaks quite clearly about the eternal fate of false teachers. The fate of those who allow false teaching to continue will be the same, if not more severe!

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