Sunday, August 27, 2006


I've been tagged by Frank

If you could meet and have a deep conversation with any five people on earth, living or dead, from any time period, who would they be? (Explaining why is optional.)
Name five people from each of the following categories: saints, those in the process of being canonized, heroes from your native country, authors/writers, celebrities.

1) St. Patrick
2) St. Dominic
3) St. Thomas Aquinas
4) St. Jerome
5) St. Brendan

Those in the Process of Being Canonized
1) John Henry Newman
2) Pius XII
3) Fulton J. Sheen
4) John Paul II
5) William Lacey

Heroes From Your Native Country
1) Abe Lincoln
2) Samuel Adams (but only if he brought some of his beer.)
3) Ben Franklin
4) General Ulysses S. Grant
5) Harriet Tubman

1) Pope Benedict XVI
2) Moses (what? He wrote the Pentateuch!)
3) Mike Aquilina
4) Kurt Vonnegut
5) William Shakespeare

1) Paul Newman
2) Kenneth Branagh
3) Frank Sinatra
4) Dean Martin
5) Sammy Davis Jr.

I hereby tag Mike Aquilina, Jason, Moneybags, Antonia, Carmel, St. Peter's Helpers, and Dilexitprior.

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