Friday, October 21, 2005

Psycho Brainwashed Cult Spokesman Of The Day: Tom Cruise

I recently watched the entire clip of Tom Cruise on the Oprah Show (yeah, you know the one!) at and I couldn't help wonder what is wrong with him!? He hasn't acted like this until recently and if you watch all recent interviews with him, you can't help but notice that he isn't all there and then you seriously consider whether the Scientologists have stepped up their brainwashing on him. He is absolutely mental now! (Yes, I did learn the word "mental" from the Harry Potter films) I also can't help but worry about poor Katie Holmes who was a nice Catholic girl until Tom got a hold of her and now she has become a Scientologist. How can anyone believe in a religion that was started by a SCIENCE FICTION writer? Are the celebrities who have joined it complete idiots unable to form a rational thought or what? Do they not realize that the religion is based on a fiction novel? (Note to stupid celebrities: Fiction means FAKE!)

To see how crazy Tom has become now, check this clip out from Australia's 60 Minutes.
Also, to find out the truth about Scientology check out

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Hey! Really miss you guys, but am very excited to hear that you're getting two cats named Mr. Darcy and Cassanova. Hope you and Laura are doing wonderful. ~Elisabeth