Thursday, October 06, 2005

Quitting The Band.

A producer of a theatre troupe I was once in, used to tell us of his days in a rock band. He would say that if certain members of the band disagreed with another member of the band, then those certain members would all "quit" the band and go and start a "new" one minus the member they disagreed with. With all that is currently going on in ECUSA pertaining to congregations leaving and starting new churches, especially with the recent example of what happened with St. John's Episcopal Church in Tallahassee, I can't stop thinking of this story.
Most times, the "new" band is much better than the old one. And so I feel will be the case with St. Peter's Anglican Church in Tallahassee! Last night St. Peter's had their first Compline (order of evening prayer) since Fr. Brad Page left St. John's (and thereby leaving his position of Canon for College Ministries at the Episcopal University Center at Florida State University) and the turnout was the usual. Fr. Brad, Fr. Eric, and Fr. Michael will make St. Peter's an even stronger beacon of faith in Tallahassee. Living up to it's name sake, St. Peter's will become the rock of not only Anglican worship in the capital city, but also of orthodox Christian worship as well!
In the wider church also, the orthodox leaving the heretical ECUSA will be strengthened in their faith. While I in no way think it is a good thing for divisions within the body of Christ, splitting from the national church filled with apostasy to form a church that sets Christ as their Lord and Savior and teaches the One True Catholic and Apostolic Faith rather than leading Christ's children astray by false teachings is definitely the right thing to do for the Glory of God.
When it comes down to heresy or schism...NEVER choose heresy!

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