Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ratz The Cat!

My wife and I have decided to get a kitten. That was the easy decision. The hard part is deciding what to name it. I suggested naming it Ratz after my favorite theologian (oh yeah, and he's also the new pope) Joseph Ratzinger. She wasn't totally in on the idea. Her biggest argument was, what if it was a girl? The only name we could think of was Molly. I think it is much easier to come up with cool guy cat names than it is for a girl cat. If anyone has any suggestions on a name, whether a boy or a girl cat's name, we would greatly appreciate it. The only thing is, it has to be a cool name. Nothing boring like "Tom" or something like that unless it is named after a really cool person (i.e. Kurt, after Kurt Vonnegutt).
If we can't come up with anything I guess we'll just have to call it Bishop Orombi!

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Laura Loo said...

You are a silly silly man! The other problem is if it already HAS a name. We might create an identity crisis!