Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Little Humor

Here's a joke from one of the posters over at titusonenine.

Three young boys were drowning in Belfast Lough when a Paisleyite Presbyterian jumped in to save them. Then he built a fire to dry their clothes.

He spoke to the first boy:-What religion are you?

First boy: Protestant.

- Good lad. Stand by the fire.

Second boy: Protestant.

- Good lad. Stand by the fire.

Third boy: Cat’lic.

- Miserable Taig. Stand over there, far away from those fine lads.

Then he spoke to the boys:-When I rescued you, were you going to heaven?

- Aye, mister. King Billy was there, saying, C’mon in, lads.

Excellent, said the Paisleyite.

Then he turned to the shivering Catholic. ‘And what about you, Taig? I suppose you were going to hell?

-Yes, mister. And you know, it was just like here and now.

- What do you mean, Taig?

- Well, I couldn’t get near the fire for all the Protestants.

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antonia said...

I hate to say it but...I laughed out loud that one!! :-)