Friday, November 04, 2005

Homosexual Behaviour is Outside of God's Intentions

The first thing God saw to be "not good" in His perfect creation was that man was alone. He created woman to complete man. The complementarity of male and female coming together in sexual union in the context of the marriage relationship is itself, a reflection of God's image. Within Himself, God combines all that is truly masculine and feminine.

When two men or two women come together, they lack this complementarity and they do not reflect the image of God in their union. This is serious business for a holy God.

I certainly know that same-gender partnerships can be loving, kind, faithful and reflective of many very good qualities. But they do not reflect God's image as He has intended.

For truly, all of humanity is called to find their life in God—whether married or single. God's love does not always mean that we get everything we think we want in this life. God's love means that He offers Himself, fully, to us. The Christian journey is one of discovering that truth in every aspect of our lives, of testing and ultimately learning to trust that God is good, that He will be faithful to us, and sufficient for us in our time of need. God can be trusted with our deepest needs, and as we turn to Him, He will meet us.

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