Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tag! I'm It.

I have been tagged for a meme by dilexitprior, so here goes...

This Sunday is Christ the King, which marks the last Sunday of the liturgical year. Next Sunday, a whole new liturgical year commences with the first Sunday of Advent as we anticipate the coming of our Lord once again in glory, as he did so many years ago.

1. Write three things for which we are grateful to God for in this past liturgical year.
1. For blessing me with a wonderful wife!
2. For making the move from Tallahassee to Pittsburgh go as smooth as it did. (We got a flat tire on the way, but believe me, it could have been much worse!)
3. For giving me the courage to leave Anglicanism for Catholicism.

2. Write three ways in which we hope to improve our relationship with God in this coming liturgical year.
1. Pray more and pray more regularly!
2. Listen to God's will better and trust in God's will more fully.
3. Pray the rosary more. (Yes, some Anglicans do pray the rosary.)

3. Pass this on to three other bloggers.
I'd have to say Mike Liccione, Al Kimel, and Keith Kenney. Out of the blogs I read daily, it appears as if they have not yet been tagged. Now, the only question is...will they see my blog to know that they have been tagged?

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The Mrs. said...

And I am thankful for my husband! (and for the piece of tire that flew up and hit my windshield signaling the demise of the tire holding your car up!)