Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pontificator’s First Law: When Orthodoxy and Catholicism agree, Protestantism loses.

Here's a great article by Al Kimel over at Pontifications about the (un-) catholicity of Anglicanism.

Al's comment, "So why do Anglicans continue to insist that Anglicanism is catholic? My best guess: It is a way to reassure themselves that Anglicanism is just as good as Catholicism and Orthodoxy, if not better (this was particularly important for me during my thirty years as an Episcopalian), with perhaps a not so subtle suggestion that Anglicanism is Protestantism in its fullness, i.e., Protestantism-plus."

That's exactly how I was as an Anglican. I wanted to reassure myself that we were "in there" with the Catholics and the Orthodox.

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