Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Wake Up Call To ECUSA

This comes from the back cover of Joseph Ratzinger's book On The Way To Christ:

Jesus Christ is as popular as ever. Films, books, and news articles ask,"Who was Jesus Christ?" Even outside of Christianity he continues to appeal to people. And yet for so many, the popular Jesus is not the Jesus of Christianity. The popular Jesus makes no demands and never challenges people.
In this series of meditations, Pope Benedict XVI says that the true Jesus, the Jesus of the Gospels, "is quite different, demanding, and bold. The Jesus who makes everything OK for everyone is a phantom, a dream, not a real figure. The Jesus of the Gospels is certainly not convenient for us. But it is precisely in this way that he answers the deepest question of our existence, which keeps us on the lookout for God, for a gratification that is limitless, for the infinite. We must again set out on the way to this real Jesus."

The emphasis added is mine. DG Jr.

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